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Yachay Wasi - House of Sacred Learning 

Our curated curriculum is dedicated to your personal growth and empowerment 
while remembering to walk in a good way with all of your relations.


Do you feel called to...


Deepen your personal path of healing

Cultivate more harmony in your life

Connect with your Sacred Heart

Dedicate more time and space to your sacred learning and sacred work

Discover and empower your connection to the Andean Mesa Teachings

Be in Service of Love for yourself, your family and your community



Join us as we weave together the Traditional Andean Mesa Teachings with the ancient knowledge of harmonizing the Serpent (mind), Puma (body) and Condor (spirit). 

This specialized program of experiential study is here to serve your path of being in right relationship, reverence and responsibility.
We are so happy that you are here.
pronounced: [YAH-chai-WAH-see]
Yachay Wasi (The House of Sacred Learning) was born out of the vision that Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta was given to take the next step on the spiral for those called to deepen into the Andean Wisdom Teachings and in particular, the sacred path of the Mesa.
Yachay Wasi is also the spiritual home of the Ayllu Kallpa family where like-minded and heart-centred individuals collectively come together in community to study, practice and be in the service of love.
Each year, as active Ayllu Kallpa members, we embrace the next spiral of Mesa teachings through the Yachay Wasi programs. We make a commitment to ourselves and to each other to walk in a good way as we follow the Kapaq Ñan (Fair Path) and the Checaq Ñan (True Path).
This year-long journey bridges Yachay (sacred learning) and Llanquay (sacred work) in harmony with the essence of your heart and the vibration of K’uychi (the rainbow).
There are 4 different entry points into Yachay Wasi.
We invite each person who is feeling called to join us, to spend some time personally reflecting on each one of the offerings below to determine which is most in alignment with your own knowing and desire for growth at this time.
All offerings are led by Traditional Curandero Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta and Children of the Seven Rays.
All participants receive a private online Members Portal to access the recordings of monthly meditations and the Ayllu Sacred Learning Circles on the 11th of each month.
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REGISTRATION is currently closed 

We will be opening up registration for new Yachay Wasi members as the Father Sun opens the doorway of illumination during the Andean New Year June 2021.

Please put yourself on the waitlist below to receive first access once doors open.

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YACHAY WASI Program Options



"Nothing Goes One Way" ~ Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta
In addition to everything you will personally be receiving during the year of membership, a portion of your fees will also go towards our Yachay Wasi Bursary Program to support Ayllu Kallpa Members who may need financial assistance.
We realize that each person has a unique set of circumstances. If cost is a barrier to you registering for Yachay Wasi at this time, you can apply to access our bursary funding to help support you.
Please contact us at: [email protected] for more information.

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